Carriage Cake Stands

***  New Carriage Cake/ Cupcake Stands ***

Our gorgeous princess carriage cake/cupcake stands are available in sizes small, medium & large , a lovely addition to any event

Very beautiful and elegant design complete with fancy Mr & Mrs, Princess, or plain side trims, if you would however prefer a different more personal design on the sides please message for a price quote

 (there is a limit to how many words we can fit on the stand)

The medium & large stands come fully assembled at the bottom, we have to flat pack the roof section to ensure safe delivery , all you will need to do is simply slot the four roof panels into the holes in the base, and add the centre attachment to hold the roof in place, the medium & large stands can be purchased painted in he following:  all white, all ivory, white & silver, white & gold, white & pink, ivory & silver, ivory & gold, ivory & pink or simply left natural for you to decorate as you wish

Small Carriage


Our small Carriage stand makes a lovely table centre piece display for weddings, perfect for children’s parties, suitable for displaying small cakes, biscuits & sweets, the small carriage comes unpainted only the one pictured above is just an example of how you can decorate them we have used a pink and white paint and filled with fondant fancies

This stand comes fully assembled

The small stand will hold approximately 13 fondant fancies to give you an idea of the actual size

Price – £24.99


Height From Floor to Top: 25cm

Overall Length: 34cm

Width: 18.5cm

Bottom Shelf: 18.5cm

Middle Shelf: 13.5cm

Top Shelf: 9cm

Made from 3mm mdf


Medium Carriage


The medium design can be purchased either as a cupcake stand or a cake stand and is available in all of the colours stated above, the picture to the left is of the medium design as a cup cake stand painted in Ivory & Gold with princess side trims .

The stand holds approximately 24 large cupcakes

Price Unpainted Medium Cupcake Stand  – £64.99          Price Painted Medium Cupcake Stand – £85.00

Measurements for Medium Cupcake Stand:

Height From Floor to Top: 45cm

Overall Length: 60cm

Depth: 33cm

Top Shelf: 16cm

Middle Shelf: 24cm

Bottom Shelf: 33cm

Made from 6mm mdf


The medium cake stand will hold an 8” or 10” cake with 3 3” tiers and again comes in all the colours stated above

Price Unpainted Medium Cake Stand – £54.99          Price Painted Medium Cake Stand – £75.00

Measurements for Medium Cake Stand:

Height From Floor to Top:  45cm

Overall Length: 60cm

Depth: 33cm

Made from 6mm mdf


Large Carriage


Our Large Carriage is currently only available as a cake stand but we are in the process of making this available as a Cupcake Stand which will hold twice as many cupcakes as the medium stand. The stand pictured to the right is of a Large Carriage which has been painted in white & silver & decorated with ribbon and has Mr  & Mrs side trims. You can choose this stand in any of the colours stated above.

The large stand will hold a 12”, 14” or 16” cake with 3 4” tiers

Price Unpainted Large Cake Stand  – £99.99          Price Painted Large Cake Stand – £135.00

Measurements For Large Cake Stand:

Height From Floor to Top: 60cm

Overall Length: 86cm

Depth: 45cm

Height from base where the cake sits to just below the roof: 39cm

Made from 9mm mdf



 Above is a picture of a large carriage which had been left unpainted and without any side trims.